Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shared Research Projects

This was our attempt at a shared research project.  I was able to find a Native American book that told facts about each Indian tribe.   The kids (as partners) were able to take the information and make paragraphs to share about their findings. 



I love this project and so does the kiddos.     We start by reading this fun book.  It is great for predicting.

Then, we make these witches.  I use an egg carton for the faces.

The best part is when we make the pumpkin pies with lizard tongues and all.

Click here for the recipe.


This is a great book to show how a pumpkin grows.   I have the kids take notes on their rough draft page as I read.

The kids then take the information and write paragraphs about how a pumpkin grows.

I have great little artists this year.  Look at these awesome crayon drawings!

God's Creation Bracelets

I love taking walks and looking for all the wonderful things God has created.  
This year we collected small flat items that God created as we walked.

We made these fun bracelets when we were done.    
To make the bracelets 
1. take duct tape and turn it upside down.  
2. Have the kids place their items on the tape pressing down all parts of the item.
3. Take clear packing tape and cover the items and wrap around the end of the duct tape.
4. Punch a hole in both ends.
5. Put string through the holes.
6. Tie on the kids wrists.

Snowmen at Christmas

I like using the book "Snowmen at Christmas" to teach adjectives.

Beginning of the Year Reading

I always start the year off with the book "Yo! Yes?" By Chris Raschka.  
It is a great way to teach voice and expression while reading.

We make an anchor chart to remind the kids of each voice symbols.

I then give the kids sentence strip papers to make their own voice strips.  They write the alphabet as follows:

ab!  cd?   ef.  gh,  ij?  kl.  mn?    Well, you get the idea.   They can make it anyway they want.

The next day we use the book " If I had a Dragon..."   It is a great voice book as well.  I read it without any expression first and we discuss how boring the book was.   We try again with more expression.  This leads the way to a good discussion of why we need to read with expression.

I then have the kids write their own version of the book.  They can use any ending expression they want.

I love hearing them stand in the hallway using the correct voices.